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Before his death, Nivak Aldurral was a Miner-caste dwarf, a scouter of lyrium with a fascination for wild animals and a weakness for higher-caste women. An affair with a Silent Sister saw the end of his life when the warrior’s family used the backing of their noble patrons to discredit Nivak’s entire House, culminating with the hiring of Casteless thugs that enjoyed being set upon the disgraced miner far too much. They cut out his tongue as a permanent reminder of his transgressions.

He gave himself to the Legion of the Dead in order to restore his House’s honor. The Deep Roads were a familiar, even comfortable place to return to, and the animals he tamed passed no judgment on the actions of his life. Neither, for that matter, did his fellow Legionnaires.

Despite his reclusiveness and indifference towards the civilized world at large, Nivak should not be taken as a hostile person. He prefers the presence of trusted companions to being alone and draws his purpose from those he is with, since he has little of his own. Though he might not be the most expressive of individuals, his emotions run deeply on those few things he truly cares about, and he is a loyal companion once earned.